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Dracula: Dead And Loving It

AKA's: Dracula Mort Et Heureux De L'Etre / Dracula Morto E Contento / Dracula - Tot Aber Glücklich / Dracula, Un Muerto Muy Contento Y Feliz / Mel Brooks' Dracula

Release date: 1995 USA
Running time: 86' (cover 86'/USA 88') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 12; UK: PG; US: PG-13
Main Crew: Director: Mel Brooks (Robin Hood - Men In Tights 1993; Life Stinks 1991; Spaceballs
               1987; High Anxiety 1977; Silent Movie 1976)
Producer: Brooks Film / Castle Rock Entertainment
Score: Hummie Mann
Writer: Rudy De Luca / Steve Habermann / Mel Brooks
Director of photography: Michael D. O'Shea


Summary: After several centuries of being incarcerated in his Transylvanian castle, Count Dracula (Leslie Nielsen) has a longing to free the damp climate of his native home and leave the bats, spiders and draughty corridors behind. Short of eligible virgins to get his teeth into he looks towards England.
Count Dracula with his American European accent is all set to take Victorian society life by storm, but every time he's ready to strike, something goes embarrassingly wrong. Even when it seems there is no escape, Dracula shows he's not a vampire to take a stake through the heart lying down.

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short review:

Mel Brooks - I don' think he's funny at all. But this movie is the exception in his line of work. Based on Bram Stoker's novel (which decent vampire-movie is not?), they did put in some good jokes. Leslie Nielsen as the Count does a great performance (especially the ballroom-scene) and you will have some good laughs (remember: it's a comedy!). So, I liked it, and between all your cravings for blood, you should sometimes look at the bright side of (eternal) life.

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