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AKA: Night Of The Vampire Hunter

Release date: 2000 Germany
Running time: 95' (cover 95') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 18
Main Crew: Director: Ulli Bujard
Producer: Coffeebeans Entertainment
Score: Guido Meyer De Voltaire / Oliver Weiskopf
Writer: Ulli Bujard / Nicole Bujard
Director of photography: Herwig Bartalszky


Summary: One man has reincarnated the vampire myth again. Under the pseudonym Henry Gloom Jens Feldner (Stefan "Cheesy" Keseberg) writes a new pulp novel every week. The series is a surprise hit, a cult phenomenon. The author´┐Żs secret is easy. His vampires are more than just fantasy: they are real. He saw them!
Jens´┐Żs girl-friend Selin (Nicole Bujard) is also interested in vampires. She is possessed by them. Her night job at a local photo lab is just a cover. In reality she tracks down vampires to find a certain master. On her journey she kills every bloodsucker who meets her blade. Jens has no idea. He would never suspect his girl-friend to be the notorious "Night Stalker".
A little later Selin is almost killed in a fight. Arnold (Alex Kaese), a brutal and strange character, who worships vampires like gods, saves her life. Everything seems fine again. But then Arnold discovers that Selin is the wanted vampire killer...

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short review:

This is an ultra-low-budget underground movie from the kind of "all my buddies are in my movie". The filming took three-and-a-half years, and they used every location at hand (e.g. for the backstage area at a rock-concert they used the stairways of a multi-storey car park). The actors really should learn how to act, and the picture quality - especially for a DVD - is terrible. In spite of the above said, the movie still has some good points: It's bloody, it's an interesting interpretation of the vampire-theme and they did some really good shots. Definitely not one of the genre's highlights, but you can risk a look.

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