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Galan De Noche  (Night Shade)
Galerie Des Grauens  (Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors)
Gallery Of Horror  (Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors)
Gallery Of Horrors  (Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors)
Ganja & Hess
Gan Shi Xian Sheng
Gary Sage's Bloodrite  (Bloodrite)
Gebissen Wird Nur Nachts
Geheimnis Der Todesinsel, Das  (La Isla De La Muerte)
Geliebte Des Vampirs, Die  (L' Amante Del Vampiro)
Gemini Twins  (Twins Of Evil)
Generation Perdue  (The Lost Boys)
Geng Sing Chim Giu  (Jing Sheng Jian Jiao)
Genie Of Darkness  (Nostradamus, El Genio De Las Tinieblas)
Geung Shut Fook Sing Chai  (Jiang Shi Fu Xing Zai)
Geung Shut Ga Chuk  (Jiang Shi Gu Zu)
Geung Shut Sin Sang  (Jiang Shi Xian Sheng)
Geung Shut Suk Suk  (Jiang Shi Shu Shu)
Ghost Mansion's Horror, The: A Bloodsucking Doll  (Yureiyashiki No Kyofu: Chi O Suu Ningyoo)
Gik Chuk Geung Shut  (Ji Su Jiang Shi)
Girl With The Hungry Eyes, The
Gitana Y El Vampiro, La  (Vampire Circus)
Gläserne Tod, Der  (Leonor)
Gods Must Be Crazy 3, The  (Fei Zhou Han Shang)
Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell  (Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro)
Goke - Vampir Aus Dem All  (Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro)
Goliath And The Island Of Vampires  (Maciste Contro Il Vampiro)
Goliath And The Vampires  (Maciste Contro Il Vampiro)
Gon Shut Sin Sang  (Gan Shi Xian Sheng)
Graf Dracula  (Dracula (1973))
Graf Dracula (Beisst Jetzt) In Oberbayern
Gran Amor Del Conde Dracula, El
Granddaughter Of Dracula  (Nocturna)
Grande Trouille, La  (Tendre Dracula)
Grave Desires  (La Orgia Nocturna De Los Vampiros)
Grave Of The Vampire
Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift 2  (The Understudy: Graveyard Shift 2)
Great Love Of Count Dracula, The  (El Gran Amor Del Conde Dracula)
Groovie Goolies - Muntere Monster In Hollywood  (Daffy Duck And Porky Pig Meet The Groovie Goolies)
Großstadtvampir, Der  (Vampire (1979))
Grotte Aux Filles, La  (Der Fluch Der Grünen Augen)
Grotte Der Lebenden Toten, Die  (Der Fluch Der Grünen Augen)
Gruft Der Dämonen  (Grave Of The Vampire)
Gruft Der Toten Frauen, Die  (Devils Of Darkness)
Gruft Der Vampire  (The Vampire Lovers)
Gruft Des Grauens, Die  (Grave Of The Vampire)
G-String Vampire
Guarida De Dracula, La  (House Of Dracula)
Guarida De Frankenstein, La  (House Of Frankenstein)
Guess What Happened To Count Dracula?
Gui Gan Bu
Gwai Gon Biu  (Gui Gan Bu)

Halloween - Besuch Aus Dem Jenseits  (The Midnight Hour)
Halloween That Almost Wasn't, The
Hand Of Night, The
Hannah: Queen Of The Vampires  (Crypt Of The Living Dead)
Hanno Cambiato Faccia
Happening Der Vampire  (Gebissen Wird Nur Nachts)
Hard Times For Dracula  (Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri)
Hard Times For Vampires  (Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri)
Haunted Planet, The  (Terrore Nello Spazio)
Haunted World, The  (Terrore Nello Spazio)
Haunting Desires
Haus Des Schreckens, Das  (Theatre Of Death)
Heiress Of Dracula, The  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Hellborn  (Night Angel)
Helldance  (Subspecies 2 - Bloodstone)
Hell's Belles  (Vampires And Other Stereotypes)
Hell's Creatures  (La Marca Del Hombre Lobo)
Hercules At The Center Of The Earth  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Hercules In The Haunted World  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Hercules In The Lost World  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Hercules Vs. The Vampires  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Here Comes A Vampire  (Meng Gui Ba Wang Hua)
Heritage Of Dracula, The  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Herkules Gegen Die Vampire  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Herren Dracula, Die  (Dracula, Pere Et Fils)
Highlander (Ep. 2.16 - The Vampire)
Highschool Vampires  (The Vampire Tradition)
Hija Del Vampiro, La  (Devil Bat's Daughter)
Hilfe, Ich Liebe Einen Vampir!  (My Best Friend Is A Vampire)
Hoi Sam Gwai Cheng Leng  (Kai Xin Gui Jing Ling)
Hollywood Vampyr
Hombre Que Desaparece, El  (The Return Of Dracula)
Hombre Que Vino De Ummo, El  (Los Monstruos Del Terror)
Hora Del Vampiro, La  (Salem's Lot)
Hora Do Espanto, A  (Fright Night)
Hora Do Espanto 2, A  (Fright Night 2)
Horny Vampire, The
Horrible Noche Del Baile De Los Muertos, La  (Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno)
Horrible Sexy Vampire, The  (El Vampiro De La Autopista)
Horror Cocktail (1966)  (Blood Bath)
Horror Convention  (Nightmare In Blood)
Horrornächte - Eine Zeitreise Ins Grauen  (The Baron's Bride)
Horror Of Dracula  (Dracula (1958))
Horrortrip  (La Llamada Del Vampiro)
Horror Within, The
Hotel Drakula  (Graf Dracula (Beisst Jetzt) In Oberbayern)
Hot Vampire Nights
Hour When Dracula Comes, The  (La Maschera Del Demonio)
House Of Dark Shadows
House Of Dracula
House Of Frankenstein
House Of Fright  (La Maschera Del Demonio)
House Of The Curse: Bloodthirsty Eyes  (Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me)
House That Dripped Blood, The
Howling VI: The Freaks
Hunger, The
Huu! Sa Hemskt  (Bud Abbott & Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein)
Hvem Har Target Mine Taender?  (Vampire's Kiss)

I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle
I, Desire  (Desire, The Vampire)
I Draculas Klor  (Dracula (1958))
Illusione Infernale  (Waxwork)
I Married A Vampire
Immer Bei Anbruch Der Nacht  (The Vampire (1957))
Immortal Desire
Immortal Ecstasy  (Dark Town)
Immortal Enemy  (Kaew Kon Lek)
Immortality  (The Wisdom Of Crocodiles)
Immortelle  (Deadly Love)
Incense For The Damned
Indagine Oltre Il Buio  (Desire, The Vampire)
In Den Krallen Der Satanstöchter  (Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils)
Inframundo  (Underworld)
Inframundo: La Evolucion  (Underworld: Evolution)
Inju Dai Toshi
Innocent Blood
Innocents From Hell  (Alucarda, La Hija De Las Tinieblas)
Inn Of The Flying Dragon, The  (Sleep Of Death)
Insatiable Lust  (Les Avaleuses)
In Search Of Dracula  (Vem Var Dracula ?)
Interview Mit Einem Vampir  (Interview With The Vampire)
Interview With The Vampire
Intervista Con La Vampira  (The Girl With The Hungry Eyes)
In The Grip Of The Spider  (Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno)
In The Midnight Hour  (Midnight Kiss)
In The Midnight Hour (1985)  (The Midnight Hour)
Invasion De Los Vampiros, La
Invasion Of The Vampires, The  (La Invasion De Los Vampiros)
Invencion De Cronos, La  (Cronos)
Ironbound Vampire, The
Iron Thunder  (I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle)
Isla De La Muerte, La (1945)  (Isle Of The Dead)
Isla De La Muerte, La (1967)
Island Of The Dead  (La Isla De La Muerte)
Island Of The Doomed  (La Isla De La Muerte)
Isle Of The Dead
It Lives By Night  (Bat People)
It's Alive!  (Bat People)
I've Been Watching You  (The Brotherhood)
I Was A Teenage Vampire  (My Best Friend Is A Vampire)
I Was A Teenage Zabbadoing  (Vampyros Sexos)

Jacula  (Les Avaleuses)
Jag Ett Monster  (Countess Dracula)
Japula  (Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me)
Jean Rollin's Vampire  (Les Deux Orphelines Vampires)
Je Suis Une Legende  (L' Ultimo Uomo Della Terra)
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
Jetzt Noch Mehr Verrückte Götter  (Fei Zhou Han Shang)
Jeunes Vierges Pour Un Vampire  (Lust For A Vampire)
Jezioro Wampirow  (Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me)
Jiang Shi Da Shi Dai
Jiang Shi Fu Xing Zai
Jiang Shi Gu Zu
Jiang Shi Shu Shu
Jiang Shi Xian Sheng
Jing Sheng Jian Jiao
Ji Su Jiang Shi
Jitters, The
John Carpenter's Vampire  (Vampires (John Carpenter))
John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos  (Vampires: Los Muertos)
Jonathan: Le Dernier Combat Contre Les Vampires  (Jonathan - Vampire Sterben Nicht)
Jonathan - Vampire Sterben Nicht
Journal Intime D'Un Vampire  (Vampire Journals)
Jovenes Ocultos  (The Lost Boys)
Jugular Wine: A Vampire Odyssey
Junges Blut Für Dracula  (Count Yorga, Vampire)
Jungfrau In Den Krallen Von Vampiren, Eine  (La Fille De Dracula)

K 2  (Karmina 2)
Kaew Kon Lek
Kai Xin Gui Jing Ling
Kalter Kuss  (Cold Hearts)
Kammer Der Schrecken  (The Black Room)
Kap Ngo Yat Goh Man  (Xi Wo Yi Ge Wen)
Karmina 2
Karmina 2: L'Enfer De Chabot  (Karmina 2)
Karnstein  (La Maldicion De Los Karnstein)
Karnstein Curse, The  (La Maldicion De Los Karnstein)
Keung Si Dai Si Doi  (Jiang Shi Da Shi Dai)
Kill, Baby... Kill!  (Operazione Paura)
Killer Barbys
Killer Barbys Vs. Dracula
Killermaschine, Die  (Crash!)
Kindred: Le Clan Des Maudits  (Kindred: The Embraced (Mini-Series))
Kindred: The Embraced (Mini-Series)
Kingdom Of The Vampire
King Vampire  (Ep. from Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors)
Kiss My Blood
Kiss Of Evil  (Kiss Of The Vampire)
Kiss Of Fire
Kiss Of The Vampire
Kitou Auf Vampirjagd  (Kitou Scrogneugneu Ep. 17)
Klan der Vampire, Der  (Blood Ties)
Kleine Vampir, Der (1968)  (Bübchen)
Kleine Vampir, Der (2000)
Königin Der Verdammten, Die  (Queen Of The Damned)
Kolchak  (The Night Stalker)
Kontes  (Dracula's Widow)
Krieg Der Vampire  (Vampiros En La Habana)
Kronos  (Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter)
Ksiaze Dracula  (Dracula (1931))
Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi
Kung Fu Contra Los Siete Vampiros De Oro  (Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires)
Kuss Des Vampirs, Der  (Kiss Of The Vampire)
Kylmät Väreet  (Der Fluch Der Grünen Augen)
Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro
Kyuketsuki Hunter D
Kyuketsuki Hunter D (2001)
Kyuketsuki Miyu
Kyuketsuki Miyu (TV)  (Vampire Princess Miyu (TV))
Kyuketsuuki-Hime Miyuu  (Kyuketsuki Miyu)

Labios De Sangre  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Ladies Of The Night  (Vampire Hookers)
Lady Dracula (1973)  (Lemora: A Child's Tale Of The Supernatural)
Lady Dracula (1977)
Lady Dracula (1982)  (La Morte Vivante)
Lady Vampire  (I Vampiri)
Lady Vampire, The  (Onna Kyuketsuki)
Laila - Unsterblich Verliebt
Lake Of Death  (Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me)
Lake Of Dracula  (Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me)
L.A. Midnight  (Vampire At Midnight)
Last Man On Earth, The  (L' Ultimo Uomo Della Terra)
Last Prey Of The Vampire, The  (L' Ultima Preda Del Vampiro)
Last Rites
Last Thrill, The  (Les Avaleuses)
Last Vampyre, The
Last Victim Of The Vampire  (L'Ultima Preda Del Vampiro)
Last Warning, The  (Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires)
Laughing Dead
Legacy Of Dracula  (Yureiyashiki No Kyofu: Chi O Suu Ningyoo)
Legado De Sangre  (The Breed)
Legendary Curse Of Lemora, The  (Lemora: A Child's Tale Of The Supernatural)
Legend Of Dracula, The  (Vem Var Dracula ?)
Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires
Leif Jonker's Darkness  (Darkness)
Lemora: A Child's Tale Of The Supernatural
Lemora: La Metamorfosi Di Satana  (Lemora: A Child's Tale Of The Supernatural)
Lemora, The Lady Dracula  (Lemora: A Child's Tale Of The Supernatural)
Leng Waan Sin Sang  (Ling Huan Xian Sheng)
Lesbian Vampires  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Levende Dode, De  (Crypt Of The Living Dead)
Levres De Sang
Levres Rouges, Les  (Le Rouge Aux Levres)
Liebe Auf Den Ersten Biss  (Love At First Bite)
Liebe mit Biss  (My Best Friend Is A Vampire)
Liebling, Du Beisst So Gut  (Dracula Sucks)
Liga Contra O Mal, A  (Qian Ji Bian)
Ling Chen Wan Can
Ling Huan Xian Sheng
Ling San Man Chaan  (Ling Chen Wan Can)
Lips Of Blood  (Levres De Sang)
Little Orphan Vampires  (Les Deux Orphelines Vampires)
Little Vampire, The (1968)  (Bübchen)
Little Vampire, The (2000)  (Der Kleine Vampir)
Living Corpse, The  (Zinda Laash)
Living Dead Girl, The  (La Morte Vivante)
Llamada Del Vampiro, La
Lord Of The Vampires
Lost Boys, The
Lost In New York  (Perdues Dans New York)
Lost Platoon, The
Lost World, The: Vampires  (Blood Lust (1999))
Love At First Bite
Love At First Gulp  (Dracula Exotica)
Love Bites (1988)
Love Bites (1992)
Love Bites (2000)  (Les Morsures De L'Aube)
Love For A Vampire  (Lust For A Vampire)
Love Me Vampire  (Kai Xin Gui Jing Ling)
Loves Of Count Yorga, Vampire, The  (Count Yorga, Vampire)
Loves Of Irina, The  (Les Avaleuses)
Love, Vampire Style  (Beiss Mich, Liebling)
Lucifer's Women  (Doctor Dracula)
Lust At First Bite  (Dracula Sucks)
Lust For A Vampire
Lust Of The Vampire  (I Vampiri)
Lustschloss Der Grausamen Frauen  (La Vampire Nue)
Lustschloss Der Grausamen Vampire, Das  (La Vampire Nue)

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